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What is Bariatric Surgery / Obesity Surgery / Surgery to lose weight?

Bariatric / Obesity surgery is a surgical process that includes various procedures
performed on obese patients that is on people with excess weight.
Weight loss is achieved by taking out a part of stomach or minimising the size of the
stomach with a gastric band or by resecting the small intestine and re-routing it to a
small stomach pouch.
Why we need Bariatric or Weight Loss/Obesity surgery? Why not only stick to
exercise and dieting?
Eating out with friends, family and loved ones elates our mood. Eating is not only a
routine habit to full our stomach but also at the end of the day, it energies our body
and satisfies our soul. Dieting, decreased appetite or loss of appetite may often lead
to hormonal imbalance, tiredness, hair loss, skin problems, depression etc.
Biologically, human’s small intestine which functions as food absorbent is 20 feet
and the stomach is approximately 12 inch long & 6 inch wide. The capacity of
stomach is about 1 litre and can be distended up to 4 litres. The ability of stomach to
store more than required causes obesity. Hence, to have an athlete type body, a
restraint approach to eat is mandatory. This theory may arise important questions in
bariatric surgery like, designing a smaller stomach and bypassing the small intestine
can change how the food is handled? Can changing the anatomy of stomach result
in significant amount of weight loss?
Foremost, let’s understand the mechanism of exercise. On an average a person
burns between 400 to 800 calories per hour cycling or running depending upon his
weight, speed and time spent. This shed calories jumps back easily on having just 2
cups of coffee or tea, donut, biscuit, pizza, burger or any other junk. So, what is the
best alternative to consume lesser amount of calories? What is the permanent
solution to enjoy food and not putting on weight simultaneously?
Probably, our stomach doesn’t need to store so much of food and small intestine
doesn’t need to be so long. What does it mean? Does it mean stomach and intestine
can we be changed or reshaped? Well, with advancement medical science and
expertise of Dr. Rajat Goel (Gold Medalist), the answer to the question is a big YES.
He can shed off those unwanted extra pounds from your body without any side-
effects for your better health and better living.
The obesity surgery is a great effective tool to lose weight and maintain it easily.

Is there any preparation required for the obesity /weight loss/ bariatric

Before operating for the obesity surgery, foremost you must understand the
mechanism of procedures, associated risks and benefit ratio.
Dr. Rajat Goel will help you chose the best procedure after assessing your
body. Foremost, prepare yourself psychologically and discuss in detail with your

family. Many a times, it is observed that only the patient understands the need for
obesity surgery whereas the family members stands against it. They don’t realise the
burden of carrying excess weight and its consequences. In addition, either they are
afraid of the complications of surgery or aftermath affects. It is suggested to consult
Dr. Rajat Goel, a bariatric surgeon who can enlighten the family of obese patient
about benefits of getting done obesity surgery.
What is the cost of weight loss / Bariatric Surgery?
The cost of various bariatric procedures can vary depending upon the health and
age of the patient, type of the surgery required to be performed. Dr. Rajat Goel
provides highly economical, yet a world-class bariatric surgery.
Will your life change after Obesity / Bariatric Surgery?

You should not consider Obesity / Bariatric surgery as a quick fix. Once you undergo
the procedure, you may witness gradual weight loss. Even taking smaller meals you
will feel sense of quicker fullness and satisfaction. In case of undergone combination
procedure, you will even notice dramatic result as you will consume and absorb less
amount of food. After operation, the patient need to take care that he must eat
nutritious food rich in proteins. You must become fit and energetic and not thin and

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